Welcome to the 2015 Celebration of Automobiles!


The Celebration of Automobiles has grown into a can’t-miss event for car aficionados in just four years, and the fifth edition of this fantastic event is scheduled for May 9, 2015, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Vintage car owners and automotive enthusiasts from around North America have convened at IMS since 2011 for the event, which pays tribute to the rich heritage of automotive development at the track.  We want to offer you the opportunity to participate in this classic event leading into the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 at “The Racing Capital of the World.”

A Vintage and Classic car show on Saturday, May 10, featuring beautiful and rare cars from 1910-75. Open-wheel race cars, Official 500 Accessory Vehicles (pace cars) and Motorcycles from 1910-1975 will also be featured in the show.

Here is what car owners have said about our past events:

“I thought it was very well done. There were some outstanding cars there. I’ve been invited to Pebble Beach (prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance) 18 years in a row with a different car, so I know something about car shows and special cars. The crowd, I felt, was sizeable, and the people had an interest in cars and could appreciate cars, and there were some great cars there.”

–Roger Willbanks of Denver, Colo., owner of a 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt Convertible Coupe entered in the 2011 Celebration of Automobiles.

“This is our first time here and we’re enjoying ourselves tremendously. I had never been to the Speedway before and I’m a car guy from 60 years standing, and there are some magnificent cars here. We drove around the track yesterday and we finished in first place. Of course, that’s where we started and they didn’t allow anybody to pass us, but that’s just a small detail!”

Curtis Cormier of East Lansing, Mich., owner of a 1932 Graham 57 Blue Streak Sedan entered in the 2012 Celebration of Automobiles.

“Who can refuse to come to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and put a car on the track? This is the holy grail of auto racing, and I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. If I ever get an invite back again, I’m here in a second.  This is just a fabulous facility and all the people here have been really wonderful, and I’m very appreciative.”

–Michael LeBovic of Aurora, Ontario, Canada, owner of a 1930 Cord L-29 Cabriolet entered in the 2012 Celebration of Automobiles.

“This is the perfect setting for a car show – the perfect setting. It was very enjoyable yesterday to take the cars out on to the track and run them around for a couple laps. It was the time of our life to do that, so it’s a perfect setting for this. This is our first year down here, we’re glad to be here and we hope they invite us back.”

–Mark Iles of Hickory Corners, Mich., owner of a1932 Lincoln KB Dietrich Coupe entered in the 2012 Celebration of Automobiles.

“It was a pretty awesome show. I’d never seen so many different and unique cars, including all the old vintage Indy cars, and cars that were built during the era of the first race like the old Nationals and other old street cars that you don’t see anymore. That was pretty unique.”

– Jerry Smith of Boonville, Ind., owner of a 1923 Duesenberg Model A Sport Phaeton entered in the 2011 Celebration of Automobiles.

“The Celebration of Automobiles was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to going back this year. I was quite impressed with all the cars there and I get a kick out of seeing the cars with the big engines like the V-8s, the V-12s and the 16s. Those are quite impressive.”

Louis Zobrosky of Granger, Ind., owner of a 1952 Studebaker Champion entered in the 2011 Celebration of Automobiles.

“I generally go to shows with just Packards, but at the Speedway I saw Marmons, Pierce-Arrows and all kinds of cars, so it was a lot of fun. It was very nice, no question about it, and the quality of the cars was amazing.”

– Robert Jacko of West Lafayette, Ind., owner of a 1933 Packard 1002 entered in the 2012 Celebration of Automobiles.